GC Drum Off - anybody doing it?


I popped in to my local GC today for a couple odds n ends and the guy behind the counter asked if I was interested in signing up for the drum off. I didn't even realize it was going on, and apparently my local store is kinda scrounging for guys to participate.

Anybody else on here doing it / done it in the past? Was it a good experience?


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That's funny, I got asked the same thing when I popped in earlier today (I didn't know about it either). My local Guitar Center is very busy so there's no shortage of people entering it. I attended the one two years ago because a buddy of mine was "competing" and it was a good time. Big crowd, general fun atmosphere, etc. There was an autistic guy competing that air drummed along to everyone's solos while he waited. When it was his turn, he dropped a stick and looked really disappointed, and the crowd cheered for him to keep going anyway. It was sweet.

While I disagree with drumming competitions as a whole, looking back it was a good experience and it serves to strengthen the sense of community around the drums.