Gavin Harrison or Marco Minnemann? Audio Quiz.

Paul Cusick

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I played this game with my buddy last night after uploading a 14 minute preview of my next album P'dice online. There are ten tracks. Eight have drums. Some are played by Gavin Harrison, some by Marco Minnemann. Can you tell who is who?

Preview Online @

or download

Track 1 @00:00 =
Track 2 @01:19 =
Track 3 @02:15 =
Track 4 @03:47 =
Track 5 @05:33 =
Track 6 @06:53 = No Drums
Track 7 @08:32 =
Track 8 @10:17 =
Track 9 @12:09 =
Track 10 @13:12 = No Drums

All times are from soundcloud/download.

Have fun!



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That's easy.....when you hear the DW drum-Sound it's Marco, when you hear a Sonor it's


Swiss Matthias

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I find it quite hard actually. There are things I could hear in both of them.
Had they been advised similarly while creating the parts?

I hear differences in the drumsound, and I believe in groove and feel, too.
But really hard, because really similar in the approach. The whole thing has
kind of a PT-flair to it, so that doesn't make it easier not to think Gavin all the

My take:

Track 1 @00:00 = Marco -> the fill before 0:21 could lead to Gavin, and so could could the open-and-close hihat groove, but I still think it's Marco. Has the track been cut just before the second snare after the mentioned fill? That sounds off.
Track 2 @01:19 = Gavin -> Gavin ghostnote style
Track 3 @02:15 = Marco
Track 4 @03:47 = Marco
Track 5 @05:33 = Gavin -> Gavin's precision, but kind of unusual playing for him I think. Very loud cymbals in the mix also, especially hihat.
Track 6 @06:53 = No Drums
Track 7 @08:32 = Gavin -> classic Gavin
Track 8 @10:17 = Gavin
Track 9 @12:09 = Marco -> IMO the splash sound reveals him. Also the more open snare sound.
Track 10 @13:12 = No Drums
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Paul Cusick

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@Swiss... 7 right. 1 wrong. No cut on track one. good attempt though and nice thinking. Most tracks were programmed in BFD for demos but they are the experts so I let them do their thing...


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Having heard Gavins and Marco's kit so many times, it's not that hard to differentiate when they use their toms.

Track that starts at 0:00 = Marco
Track that starts at 1:41 = Gavin
Track that starts at 2:15 = Marco
Track that starts at 4:12 = Marco
Track that starts at 5:30 = Marco
Track that starts at 8:33 = Gavin
Track that starts at 10:17 = Marco
Track that starts at 11:17 = Gavin
Track that starts at 12:07 = Marco

This album is pretty Porcupine Tree'ish.


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Man, that is pretty tough for me to tell - I have to admit I am not familiar with Marco Minnemann's playing, so I am just trying to pick out Gavin!

I hear some differences, though, and my list would have been the same as Swiss Matthias except I though track one was also Gavin...

Tough one! But good sounding music - nice work!

Swiss Matthias

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Ok, so the "unusual playing" (my words) in track 05 from Gavin should
have convinced me better that it actually wasn't Gavin!!

Interesting quiz!