Gavin Harrison here!


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Hey Gavin,

I'm working on a good drum sound but I only have one mic. What do you recommend for a cheap but decent set of drumset mics?
I don't think you're in the right section of the forum. Gavin's been working with professional gear for decades, why would he be aware of what's the current best "bang for the buck"? You're much better off at the "Other Gear" section.
In any case, I recently went for a home studio set up, and since it is a first for me, I went for a relatively budget solution.

I got these:



10 separate channels on your PC via USB connection for under 300 bucks? I couldn't believe it either.
And the mics are very decent, plus, you get all the stands and cables that seem to hold their own. With those two, you are set to go; the interface even comes with Cubase LE 5. Now, editing is not an easy job, so you might as well want to take a course or something.
But really, having a very nice home studio setup for under 800 bucks is VERY good in my opinion. I'm pleased with the results. I attached a sample of one of my band's songs recorded with this. The bass drum mic works very well for a bass guitar, and the overheads as vocals mics.



Cool man. I guess you're right, I don't usually post questions like this here, it was just something that came off the top of my head. But really, thanks for all of the info- will definitely look into it.


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Hey Gavin, I thought you might want to know that I was browsing Dream Theaters wikipedia page and under the member list was your name, I did my research and found nowhere where this was proven to be true. Have you been considering trying out or have you?


Gavin Harrison

Hi Rítmico

I was hearing and comparing the drums sound of two of your records:
The audio file PT Live in Atlanta and the dvd Anesthetise.
In Atlanta I felt the sound with more low frequencies, and the bass drum and floor toms with a great "thump".
1) Is this because some difference in record (mics, room, effects...), or because the drums (USA vintage SQ2 kit in Atlanta and SQ2 Euro kit in anesthetise), or both?

No - there's more of the room sound on the "Atlanta" mix and therefore a bit of the PA sound in there too. It was a much more 'boomy' room than the venue that we recorded the Anesthetize DVD in.

2) I want order a SQ2 drumset but is difficult choose the right shell configuration.
What is your prefered setup, if you have a preffered, the vintage or the hybrid kit, and why?

for my last kit I chose maple - 'thin' shells for the toms - 'medium shells' for the floor toms - and 'heavy' shell for the bass drum. It sounds good to me.

Hi elyardm

i cant tune my toms (10 12 14 16) without buzzing snare.
i want to not buzz snare when playing toms and bassdrum.please contact me if u know that.

there's a lot of reasons why that's happening. The tuning of the toms and the snare is quite crucial. You need to make sure that when you hit the snare drum (with the snares off) it's not a similar pitch to any of the toms. Also you need to check how well your snare wires are installed - how loose you have them - and how many snare wires you use.

Hi scottishhaggis

1. Can you please tell me what sticks are you playing with when you're recording or just not playing live.

I use either the Vic Firth "Rock" model or "5AX"

3. Have you ever tried to put the batter head on the bottom side of tom and the resonant head on the top?


4. I have a terrible problem with my toms... What methods do you prefer? Do you show any of this in your latest DVD?

I do discuss this on my DVD Rhythmic Designs. The coated Emperors and Evans rings that you are using might be a bit dead - unless you're trying to get a '70's dead funk sound?

5. What have you heard of Lithuania? What do you think of this country?

I've never been - but I'd love to see it.

Hi tobiashula

when PT records tracks, do you mix one song and copy the settings of it to get the same sound on every song? Or do you mix every song afresh?

When I record the drums I load up the same settings for every song via Logic. The settings remain right through the mixing stage.

Hi scottishhaggis

Hi again Gavin. Also, how tight do you have your bass pedal and why?

I think I have them somewhere between 'medium' and 'loose'. That's where it feels the best to me.


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Re: gavin's audio files.

thnx its usful ur work.
Hi elyardm,

Thanks for the compliment. I hope you get the opportunity to check out Rhythmic Designs. I think you'll have some fun with it. Those GH/05Ric tunes are something else!!

Take care,



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Hi Gavin,

I just saw that you are going to be in Hartenstein near Chemnitz (Germany) for Drum-Workshop on Monday next week (Dec 6th 2010). It´s a pity that this is just too far away for me (no chance to take a day off) but I am sure the local drum addicts will have a great time with you.

Maybe next time you are going to be a little bit closer.

David Floegel

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hi gavin , i want to know how u learn drum technique and how can i learn recording tips ?
do u have any books or dvds that u teach everything about recording and ur home studio ?

i really like ur sounds of drum and i know u since 6years ago,begor u get award of md2008.

i think u r the best drummer at this time because many reason as u know ;)
check out before asking!!!!

Gavin told in many Interviews he stopped practicing only hand-technique. More he started to train his brain..
Check out google for Books about Recording and Home Studios. And also check this thread.. There are many people who asked this questions before you!!


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Hi Gavin,

Thanks for this great workshop in Hartenstein yesterday ;-)

One Question about your drop clutch:
I realized that there is no sound when you fix it after playing double bassdrum. Du you damp it in a certain way? Because I think that people allways hear when I fix my drop clutch because there is a kind of "click"-sound.




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Hey Mr. Harrison,
First off thank you for making the page, It's really a cool thing that you've done this.

Being a reader of the forum I've seen that you have read the book Effortless Mastery. I have also read that book and It sparked a question.

Did you find out a way to drop the drumstick 'effortlessly'?

Thank you very much,


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hahaha, I think that's true, but I put this comment too all of the members here.
And why in the Gavin Harrison thread then? There are other legitimate places to do it in this forum. I think it'd be for the best if you remove the comment. Nobody really cares about a spammer's band, you know?



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Hey Gavin,

Will you be doing anymore clinics or shows in Germany this summer? I'll be there July and August for some study abroad and would love a chance to see you. I'll be spending my time in Bavaria.

Edit: I'll also be in Germany spring of 2012 for 3 months, if you have anything you know of going on then as well.



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Hi Guys. There was some discussion on this thread quite a while ago -- maybe years rather than months -- about the internal timing of each strike or beat. In other words, are the left and right hand evenly spaced when playing 16th notes on the snare drum? I am trying to research and perhaps purchase the tool that was used. It was not a simple metronome.

Gavin had tried one and posted his results. Ring a bell?

To state the obvious, I would search it myself but I can't remember what it is called. Does anyone remember the name of this diagnostic devise? Thanks in advance for your consideration.