Gator drum bags


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Does anyone have these bags???Im a weekend gigger that just got a nice upgrade.Yamaha birch absolute kit.I transport my gear,so its not like they or thrown around be someone other than me.I need covers for them.I was going for the Galaxy bags -Humes-burg,but can save some dough by getting the Gators...Need imput,..Thanks Kevin


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I opted on the Galaxy bags instead of the Gators. (I was also on a budget) The Galaxy bags are a bit better. They are only a few bucks more. In my opinion they are worth it! The Galaxy's have good padding and a good zipper. Better than the gators. JMHO!
I use a Gator 36 inch hardware bag. It is a good bag for a good price.
I bought my Galaxy bags from this site.
Nice people and good prices!
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I use the gator bags. Just last night actually. Had 5 different drunk men and women carring them out banging every wall and door jamb in sight. They work fine. I have a kaces snare bag though and a kaces hardware bag. Kaces stuff is nicer but the cheap gators have been doing the job. The gators, should they fail, will be replaced one by one with kaces. But for a hundred bucks or thereabouts the gators got me on the road cheap. My pearl sessions are indestructable though, with a hard scratch proof (so far) dull matte wrap. For high gloss paint finish I would have gone with plush interiors and spent more.