Gary O'Toole w/ Steve Hackett


Steve Hackett doing his "Genesis Revisited" thing (and very well, I might add). The drums are very well recorded for a live event, and drummer Gary O'Toole gets to have increasingly busy fun through this section:

O'Toole does a damn good job on all this material. He's not trying to be Phil Collins, but is of course respecting the parts where required.


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I've seen Gary with Steve three times so far, and I love his playing.

You're right, that he's being respectful with his parts without slavishly duplicating what Phil originally played, and I appreciate him for that. That he covers so much of the vocal parts while playing is a nice touch too.

Alex Sanguinetti

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Gary O´Toole was my student in 1980 in London (for about 6 months). Was great student and guy!

Best regards to him!

Alex Sanguinetti