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I've seen him play in front of 12 people at LaVe Lee in L.A. in April 2006 (with Scott Kinsey, Steve Tavaglione and Jimmy Earl). To be honest, I was not very impressed. I did not really like their music which might have played a role as I was not interested by the whole band (they guys are all amazing players in their own right though).

I am not very familiar with his work but I would strongly recommend to listen to his playing on Brandon Field's "Everybody's Business". Great album and great playing.


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Gary is a really player as evidenced by his work with Chick Corea and Alanis most notably I guess. I played with a guitarist named Phil Brown and had to learn a couple of his albums including one called 'The Jimi Project' with Gary and bassist Jimmy Haslip (also unbelievable of course) and Gary's playing is top notch, tasty, and exciting all over that disk which is a great listen. I think another drummer, who DID play with Tori Amos, if I'm not mistaken and seeing and hearing him changed my life and the way I see drumming is Barry 'Frosty' Smith. He's done a lot with Tori Amos and a million other folks including Omar and the Howlers, Papa Mali, Chris Duarte, Soulhat, Marcia Ball, and the incomparable Lee Michaels on those jawdropping B3/drum duo albums they did in the 70 ('You Know What I Mean', etc.). . .he's incredible and I think is even on The Cowboy Junkies recent release . . .versatile, to China groove, and skills beyond anything I'll ever understand. . . .

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Gary starts to really be one of my absolute favourite players.

Have you guys heard "Renegade Creation" with Michael Landau, Robben Ford, Jimmy Haslip, Gary Novak?

Absolutely awesome drumming, I love it!! Such power, groove, finesse, dynamics, chops, creativity, speed (of course), did I say power?


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Ok let me say something controversial here.

I think Gary is the finest player of uptempo meters in the jazz/fusion idiom there ever was! Ha.



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Hey guys, I know this is an old thread but it seemed relevant to post my question. Anyone know which sticks Gary Novak uses? I love Gary's playing. He is probably my fav drummer that inspires me to play right now. ( Along with others favs such as Keith Carlock, Sonny Emory and Alan Hertz and Stanton Moore...) Cheers Update, well I checked Gary's Instagram account and eventually found where he'd replied to somebody asking what sticks he uses, he said that Zildjian maked him a stick but that it's not available to the public...
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I picked up this CD/DVD combo on Amazon. WOW! Novak kills it here and I'm thinking it could be my favorite drumming performance with Allan, and that's saying a lot. Check it out.