Gary Husband Here!

Gosh, I'm going to have to think back a bit...

Birchmere with Allan Holdsworth late 90's...

Unforgettable but .... I've forgotten the electric bassists name...
Flashback Sunday! One of the drum kit duets of Billy Cobham and myself from Berlin during a tour back in 1995, around the time we were doing drum solo conversations as part of the concerts.
Had fun on these. Some indeed worked out better than others and I thought this one transpired pretty well.
Hope you enjoy it.
(The other one's at my official YouTube channel.)
Still love this Gary! BTW - I still have the video!

Loving Sphere at the moment - truly inspirational on many levels... but then, everything you do inspire me! :)

All the best, my friend!

Do you realize that your website is non-functional?

"An appropriate representation of the requested resource / could not be found on this server".
It sounds fantastic Gary. You always do.

I still love how your drums sounded on "I.O.U." with the Black Dots too. Speaking of which, have you ever thought about revisiting Black Dots for your drums? Personally, I tried it once, top and bottom on all the toms, tight tension, and it sounded horrible to me. It was surprising, as I love how your drums sounded on that record, and I love how Tony's drums sound on most of the recordings I've heard him on too.
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New Series of Drum Tuition Videocasts

I’m thrilled to have started filming a series of drum tuition videocasts which I’m looking to launch at the end of the summer. They’ll be available on a relaxed pay-as-you-go basis and no subscription will be needed.
I’m really excited about what I’ve prepared so far, and to check I’m on track and in line with what you might like to see from me, I have devised a short questionnaire that shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to complete. If you are potentially interested in the videocasts, and you would be happy to give up a few moments of your time, this would be of enormous value to me. Your responses will help me fine tune the content and ensure you're getting what you want.

And for those that would like to be kept up to date on the Videocast Series there’s a chance to leave your contact details in there too. Here’s the link:

Huge thanks for your help and support.

In this current world political climate of borders sadly becoming reestablished, more reinforced and divisive, I’ve found such joy in discovering musicians from 31 different countries across the world have taken part in my short survey questionnaire ... giving me great insight into what many might want from my new Drum Videocasts series! But chiefly it reinforces to me, Music is indeed a truly universal language and has no Borders!

It’ll still be up for a short time, so if you’re interested & can spare a couple of minutes to add your voice I’d be overjoyed to hear your input!

Here’s the link: