Gary Chester for ever ! Exemples of exercices


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Chester focused on teaching skills like creativity, improvisation, four-limb independence and ambidexterity, cross-dominance, playing solid time, alignment of limbs, and making an independent contribution to the song while playing to match the song rather than playing to show off.



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Interesting stuff. I also viewed a few other videos on your channel and they looked intriguing. Gary Chester is also on my list for practicing next.
Q: If you have comments turned off, and you aren't writing any specifics about what is being played-- it's hard to grasp the sticking/foot work involved in these grooves (at least in my case, a bit abstract to delve into without further info).

Can you super-impose any of the transcriptions from Gary Chester or the other exercises while you're playing them to show these details? Or, are your videos only meant to visually demo the exercises while being performed?


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Love New Breed 1 as well as New Breed 2. I've been using both since they came out and continue to do so.


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I'm a big fan of New Breed 1... that's enough to last me forever Lol. The video looks good.. but shouldn't you be vocalizing a sound or pattern at the same time? Even a 1/4 note pulse is helpful. Being able to talk or sing while playing all that is a really valuable skill..

For instance, I recently had a first practice of a complicated rock opera - but the singers couldn't make it.. so it was just instrumental. I'd made charts - which really helped - but what really helped was to quietly sing my own guide track and provide my own vocal cues. Before I started New Breed about 30 years ago I couldn't open my mouth without losing time... so thank you Gary Chester!