G-gulp. No pressure, then.


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How can you lose.
Indeed. I'm really touched, peeps. Thank you all. I won't let you down.

Play simply with a swinging groove - don't try to show off or over play. Be the solid foundation for the lead players to build on.
I promise. After our first gig, Mr Madge asked me if what I played was difficult. After saying "Well, YOU couldn't do it!" I told him that my main concern was not to make mistakes and my job was to support everybody else, so I made sure that I stayed well within my comfort zone and inclined towards playing less rather than more. The last thing I want is to be noticed!

Quick update: I don't know if Mr Madge is worried that nobody in their right minds will pay money to see us, but he's bringing a couple of his friends along. One of them plays bass in a really accomplished band. I don't mind playing in front of people I don't know even if they are the most fantastic musicians, but it's much more difficult when I do know them and they're great musicians. Oh well, if it all goes tits-up, I'll blame my hair.


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Congrats on this tremendous milestone in your quest. Keep your cool, find your groove ride the music. It'll be over too soon I bet. Enjoy every second.