Fyberskin or Skyntone or ?? for Pearl Tom-Bourine?


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Hi All,

I just picked up a Pearl Tom-Bourine:


It is supplied with a smooth plastic head. Does anyone have a suggestion for an alternate head replacement? I'm trying to achieve an "old school" vintage tambourine sound when it is played by hand. I will be playing it by hand, with brushes or with rod style sticks. I would appreciate that people who have direct experience with this tambourine or replacing a head on a similar tambourine respond. If you've used any "calfskin" style heads on a 10" tom I would also like to get your opinion.

I have already done a search about how these types of heads compare to one another but found nothing about their use on a tambourine.


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Most, if not all, 'real' tambourines (i.e. intended for orchestral use) I've seen have had a branded Fiberskyn-type head. I'm not sure what the difference between FS and Skyntones are from their site (other than the different weights of FS compared to only one 8mil option for Skyntones), but they seem pretty similar. People online say the Skyntone is more durable/sounds better, though. I haven't experienced any of the bubbling on my Fiberskyn snare head I've been using for a bit, but it does seem to be a common issue. I guess the Skyntone is the way to go.

By the way, the material of the jingles will likely affect the sound of that tambourine much more. Not to say that the head doesn't matter, but certainly not as much.


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I think I'd rather get something that I just have to swap out. Not looking for project with this. Thanks.