Funky Friday Groove


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Hey guys,

I started this video series where I'm sharing some funky grooves every Friday on my Facebook drumming page. These are some experiments I've been doing with various sticking patterns over which I'm playing bass drum rhythms. They are also influenced by my studies with Gary Chaffee and by the drumming of David Garibaldi. Here are the first ones including the pdf with the notation.

I hope you'll enjoy.


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I admire that level of control! Wonderful. And it sounds this good stand alone....must be amazing in a musical context!


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Hey guys!

Here's a new one. This is "Funky Friday Groove #10". The idea here is to use a specific hand pattern which comes out of the Gary Chaffee Patterns book. Then, I added a bass drum part which wouldn't align only with the right hand (cymbal hand) since that is what we more commonly do. This way, you get a cymbal line and a bass drum line that are different one from another.

I hope you enjoy,


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Hmm.. i'm left handed but never have even tried drumming lefty.. wonder how hard it would be to swap over at this point.


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Those grooves that you share many times on first sight seem kinda easy, but they always have a very nice little 'twist' that makes them pretty interesting to study..

And they are also very nice played btw..

Many thanks for all of these..!