Funky Buddy


"Uncle Larry"
Jesus, Lar. Next you'll be tellin' me you wished Hendrix had just shut up and strummed!! :)

It's Buddy man, In the context of that setting (and many others he put himself in, for that matter), he WAS the show.
Hey what can I say, he still would have been Buddy if he didn't take a solo. It detracted I thought. I don't feel that every note he played has to be revered. Just most of them :) Doesn't mean I have less respect for him. I just didn't like the treatment the whole band gave the song. The Indian part was unexpected.


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I absolutely love hearing a bunch of guys at home on their computers judging Buddy Rich

my dose of comedy for the day.... thanks guys .... nothing at all against you or your opinions... absolutely not.... just funny to me thats all

I still love ya.... even though you are a bunch of silly old codgers

It was pretty average Buddy Rich, overall. C+


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Skills off the chart, but dance floor killing too. If that was a "faux" party merely to serve Buddy's promo purposes, then great. If that was a real party, & a working party band, that would be his last gig ;) I'm going with the former.
I could be wrong, but it appeared to be the Playboy mansion or something. Don't ask how I know. :)

In one of the shots of the crowd I thought I spied what looked like a young (younger...) Hugh Hefner.

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So maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but to me that really wasn't funky at all. But so what, who needs Buddy Rich to have been able to play funky?

Pretty dumb arrangement, too.


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I'm kind of with Larry. The song sounds frantic, not grooving. I don't think Joe every played it that fast. It's supposed to be a gospel type of thing. I played it last night with some folks and it felt right around 88 BPM. I would love to see Buddy swinging something around there.

Hadn't seen Buddy play with the snare that flat before, but he still has that amazing left hand. He looks to be a little more slouched over too. As if he was experimenting with the set lower but not comfortable with it. I don't think he ever sat up really straight but this looks really crouched. Look at the wear on the heads too. This must have been his working kit in his Rodgers days. I would think most producers would be into the cosmetics of the shoot and try to get him to put clean heads on. They might have and Buddy probably told them where to stick their heads. Also notice that the "towel rack" tom has almost no wear on it either.

One of the greatest to ever hold a pair of drumsticks. But even the greats don't always do great. Maybe this was someone else's idea and he went along with it. Hard to tell since he's always scowling. But in this case the scowl might be authentic.