Funk /soul bass drum size

Funky Drummer 9294

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Hello.Im having trouble chosing between a 20x14 or a 22x14 .The kind of funk i play is james brown the meters sly and the family stone rufus red hot chili peppers parliment funkadelic and tower of power.The soul bands i play are al green Otis Redding Wilson Pickett Booker T. & the M.G.'s.there both ludwig classic maples.Thanks Peace


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Ziggaboo (The Meters) and Al Jackson (Wilson PIckett, Booker T, and probably Otis Redding) both used 20x14.. I'd go with that.
I have generally used a 22x14 or a 24x14 on rock-funk-r&b type gigs. Well, on New Years due to a smaller stage, I brought out my Ludwigs with a 20x14, 8x12 and 14x14. They were perfect! The 20 really worked great for the old school r&b and JB styled funk.

I'd give a 20x14 a try.