Fundraising for saving Roberto Spizzichino's cymbals


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I post this here because I know this is the most visited section of the forum. Should administrators not agree with my choice, I kindly ask them to just move the thread to the right section.

I allow myself to mention that a fundraising campaign has been launched by Roberto Spizzichino's family in order to face relevant legal expenses incurred to (try to) get back a great number of Robert's cymbals.
I copy from the GoFundMe page where donations can be done:

«Right after Roberto's death, a catalogue of almost 1.000, one-of-a-kind pieces got taken out of our hands via a legal loophole. A good portion of these cymbals were dispersed during the almost 7 years of litigation that we went through in order to try and get back some, if not all, of the remaining cymbals.
Having been in litigation in both civil and criminal courts and assisted by a series of four different lawyers our funds have stopped, forcing us into a deeply binding and unfair agreement which has incurred on us untold financial and health difficulties hence our plea for help.»