Fun "For Sale" Ads


I love that it was "appraised at $2500". On what planet? I'm gonna take my stuff to Utah and have it appraised too.
I'm guessing the person took the retail values of every single individual item brand new and added it up. I mean by that account my pearl midtown with bags, all my hardware, heads, and cymbals added up would be well over $2k... Now if I sold all of it I would be lucky if I got $600-$800 lol.


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What does he do, crawl under the wind chimes to get in there and play?

That kit is in my neck of the woods and has been listed for a very long time. Good luck to them in their efforts to sell it though.
The price is outrageous, but I think those are good drums. I can't tell what the cymbals are, or how good and what condition the hardware is in, but that kit looks meticulously put together. It's clearly not a starter kit some kid didn't take to and their parents are now trying to unload.

I'm guessing there's an interesting backstory to the ad... I mean, with a run on sentence like that, there has to be, no?