Fun at the Oktoberfest Video


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Hahaha, the Fest' band drumming equivalent of Deathmetal. He really goes for it! I love the total loss of control, and the use of the cymbal playing to keep his drum upright. It's as if he was imagining beating up his worst enemy. He really hit the crap out of that drum. Best clip of the year Bernhard, a classic!

P.S. C.P. I think you have a new cymbal repair customer.


That is pure genius....Gotta love the head banging, maybe someone should hook him up with metal band? xD



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I liked the way the trumpet player looked back at him when he went into overdrive.

Power, energy, always synonymous with the drums! The crowd loved him!

PS- ( I suddenly feel like beer... )



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Doing what drummers do...!

I thought how great and simple; a true lesson for all of us. Not even a snare, he had a bass and a set of cymbals (equivalent to hi-hats) and he did his job as time keeper better than anything anyone could have done with a whole set of drums.. As he should he drove the entire orchestra,


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LOL! Classic!

It may be a humble job - a mere bass drum and cymbal - but with gusto and enthusiasm he managed to take it to another level.

The spirit of Keith lives on!