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i like to experiment with techniques , grips and fulcrums. I my opinion the fulcrum is the most important aspect of a good handtechnique. There is no One fulcrum, there are many, but the most important thing is the 'quality' of the fulcrum. It must be steady, firm but with the least friction. Good control but light. With a good developed fulcrum any grip is easy. The rebound will be good and there is no need of many energy to keep the stick going.

Today I tried something new, french grip, but with the tumb bend to the back


In this manner I could push very hard to the stick, but it doesnt create more friction. the point of contact is very little. It was painfull and i think i have to grow
calluses on the top of my tumb (like gituir players) But I think it could be a winner for me. It makes it also easy to close the other fingers over the stick.

Any thoughts?


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You start off ok but then you see you "struggling" and it flimsy and floppy , Why not just extend your thumb for normal French grip and work on that? Nothing wrong with experimenting but seems an epic fail if it's painful-a big red flag. The pad of your thumb is still a small area with little friction.

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I learned to move the fulcrum around accommodating repetitive strain. Mostly, I'm from the Spivak school. Chuck Silverman was big on it at PIT, as are a lot of other guys. I started out doing it wrong, then somewhat got it together. What I learned from all the grip study is because all of them have beneficial application, using bits and pieces from all them can't be a bad thing. I say "so what if the fulcrum moves around" a little if the result makes musical sense.