From our gig last night (country music content)


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After months of hauling gear in the heat and humidity, we played in 53 degree temps with a very chilly wind. With that said, we were thankful to be able to gig yet again this weekend. Yes, we were on the back of a giant green military truck.

I’m impressed yet again with my Pearl Vision birch drums. I’m also playing my new-to-me Legend phosphor bronze snare and Heartbeat cymbals.



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Thank you for the disclaimer in the title. I would like to see this become an MPAA and OFC (Australian version) standard.

seriously though, sounding great. I’m digging that fat snare and The cymbals sound great.
The lead guitar had some great tone on the solo as well, as for the singer he sounds like a country singer should to me ears so that’s great also.