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Gary H.

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Hello drummer guys and gals.

Well, I'll keep this kind of short, because the real reading matter is provided by way of the following links.

My story is that to follow many, multi months of lumbar back area prolapsed disc problems I developed (a now five-month) condition of severe extensor tendinosis in my left elbow - pretty much 24-hour exreme pain and discomfort.. and to play drums.. yep you guessed it, near agony.

By the way that's tendinOSIS - a degenerative condition related to the issues of RSI and extreme or over-use of certain muscle groups. (Tendonitis by the way is the inflamation condition version.)

As the result of much research and online investigation, today, (and out of real fear I would not be able to make a six-week work spell period I have coming up) I sought the help of a Active Release Technique specialist here in the UK, situated at The Back Pain Clinic in London - Well, I can tell you with absolutely no exaggeration that I experienced the first true and significant relief in six or so months of constant pain as a result of my first, initial (ten minute!) treatment.
What's more is that I have been assured I will be able to make my whole six-week tour period, and play pain-free following a further mere five more of these ten minute treatments.

My euphoria encouraged me to spread the word to all those who suffer with this kind of physical misery. I wholeheartedly recommend all here with trouble of this kind to seek out some Active Release therapy practitioners near you right away! (I have read a great deal about it, as this and Graston Technique seem relatively new developements).

Take a look at an article published online from the Berklee College of Music in Boston website.

Secondly, just a little promo..

My DVD ("Gary Husband's Force Majeure Live At The Queen Elizabeth Hall, London") may be
discontinued - deleted / over and out - but, we have been in the process of uploading many high points of the group's performance (of 2004) onstage in London (from Steve Bingle's incredible footage) on Youtube.

Online already are the following, which I very much hope a few of you might enjoy. - with Drum Solo

Health and best wishes to all,

Gary Husband

Drummer Karl

I`m sorry to hear that Gary. A diagnosis like this is always a horrible thing, especially for people who are dependent of their hands.
The doctor once told me that I was in the beginning phase of experiencing the carpal tunnel syndrome.
I was shocked about this and about playing forbiddance. Luckily it got better quickly.

I`m glad that this therapy helps out and allows you to have fun again. :)

I wish you all the best, including health of course.

Moreover I love these clips. It`s a feast of sounds, expressions and groove. Really awesome!



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Gary, I just saw the Force Majure dvd ( borrowed from a friend ) and all I can say is "wow"!!!!!!

Compositionally, it is so unique and the way Goodman, Brecker, Beard,' laser beam' & the perc man etc fit it was inspirational to watch. Though the playing was of course brilliant by all the players, the fact that you changed the form of delivery, made me sit bolt upright and stay riveted.
The way the different movements worked within the suites was cool. What was the inspiration?

The mix of instruments was also very unique. I loved the trombone taking that 'out' solo up front in the 1st piece.

Was Force Majure a one time thing?........ Shouldnt be : )

Good luck with your injury and get well soon,


P.S- just heard you on Mclaughlin's 4th dimension..WOW again, which tunes are you playing keys/drums on? Who decided what tunes you/Modesir would play? Sorry..I lost the jacket...
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Jeremy Bender

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So glad to hear you're recovering well from your treatment. I've been a fan since I bought your level 42 albums. I was wondering if this is the same clinic that Carl Palmer used years ago. I understand that he suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome and it nearly ended his carer until he had surgery to relieve it. Anyways...hope you have many more years of making music !


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Hi Gary,

Glad to hear that you're improving. I was diagnosed with chronic tendonosis myself, last October, and am still struggling with it (albeit less) to this day. Thanks *very* much for the reading material, I'm looking through all of it now.

Drummer Karl

Hi Gary,

I was just checking our gig location with our big band for this night and saw that you play with NDR Big Band in Göttingen this evening, too!
I`m looking forward to listening to you and the band today, had no idea that I`d see you today right before having fun on stage as well...that`s great!