fresh build with video


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One of the greatest things about learning to build is getting to try wood/hardware combinations of my choosing as often as my time and some money allow. Selling the odd drum finances the next.
A new technique I am now going to make a regular feature is to inlay the re-ring into the shell. This gives the shell amazing strength while keeping it thin, it also makes a smooth flush inner shell instead of a raised hoop inside the shell.

This snare is a 14 stave unit. 6 staves of American Walnut and 8 of African Mahogany. It is 7X14, approx. 3/8" thick.



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I missed the video link first time around :(

Snare's got that wonderful trademark stave "thonk" that I love so much, especially partnered with a nice deep solid kit.

Great job!!!

The Old Hyde

Nice job. im not a fan of the hardware color on this one. great build again though!!

The Old Hyde

I was trying for a more yellowish gold, but the mix got away from me. I started with this translucent gold powder, and it came out like a clear every time, so I would add some pigment and the balance point is tough to find without going too far.
All part of learning.

keep it up, you have made and posted some great drums so far!!