Freelancing (or working) drummer


jay norem

Stupid I am not, believe me!
I am also very professional at what I do.
So yes English is not my first language, not even close! so what? in music it's the music what counts!, and as you can see i can communicate and get my point clear!

For all of you who decided to reply with wisdom, and with good and helpful advice.
I really thank you; some of your comments gave me great Ideas

Lucky for me this day we have the Spell Check ;)

To be fair, I did apologize and I was sincere. All I was trying to do was make a point. I'm sorry that I didn't take into account the possibility that English was not your first language.
Friends? Please?


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Well i'm glad you sorted that out and for someone who english is not their first language you talk better than most people here in yorkshire :p