Freelance Writing: Today and Yesterday

Scott K Fish

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Freelance Writing: Today and Yesterday

SKF NOTE: One aspect of the pre-internet days I miss, and have not yet replaced, is paid freelance writing for music magazines and newspapers.

Freelance writing was a great way to sharpen researching/writing skills. A great way to record for posterity stories of musicians whose stories deserve preserving -- all while earning a decent part-time income.

This morning I found in a box of music CD's check stubs from some of my Modern Drummer interviews: Frankie Dunlop and John Von Ohlen.

Adjusting these amounts for inflation, the $735 and $400 I was paid in 1985 would today be $1632.07 and $888.20 respectively.

Money was never my prime motivator for writing, but, as always, it helped pay bills and it helped make more freelance writing possible. Not complaining. Just making an observation about opportunities today compared with opportunities yesterday.

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