Free notation software...


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Anyone interested in creating drum sheet music can get it for free from here:

Available for windows and macosx, and also open source.

I use it on my older mac with no issues. pretty cool.


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I have tried this before, but I couldn't get the hang of entering what I want to quickly. Speed and keyboard navigation is really important to me, since I would rather not have to drag and drop items when I can just hit a couple of key on the keyboard to add notes, move them from one line to another, etc...

Noteflight seems a little better, but I don't like that their "free" tier only lets you have 10 songs, and there isn't any local copy of the song.

John Lamb

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Try Aered. It is dedicated for drumset notation, and it is WYSIWYG. It is faster for me to use Aered than write it by hand. Plus the sounds are OK. And it is free. It was developed for Aerodrums.