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Just wanted to give you guys a heads up. I worked with Rich Kozi of Kozi Custom Drums earlier this year printing apparel for his business. I did over $1200 worth of work for him that just HAD to be done ASAP. Almost a year late, and still have not gotten paid for the work but he has all the shirts, hoodies, etc. His graphic artist had to chase him down for money and I get excuse after excuse and still no pay. He is very unprofessional, constantly lies, avoids phone calls and emails after getting what he needs. I would be leery of doing any business with him. He scammed me out of over a grand and would hate to see anybody else have similar dealings. PS - planning a lawsuit over this, I wouldn't buy his Ratfink apparel...might qualify as stolen goods at this point.


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Regretfully, this is not the first time this forum has been informed of issues with this company.

I rarely comment on how other drum companies conduct their business, simply because of my position, but this kind of behaviour really gets under my skin. It feeds into the view that smaller companies are likely to be unreliable in their customer dealings. Of course, that can be the case, but there's good & bad in equal measure across the entire spectrum of drum manufacturers.

I'm sorry to hear of your financial loss, & I hope you get some resolution to it.


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PS - planning a lawsuit over this
Because of the relatively small amount, you'll need to file in small claims court. No question that you'll win the judgment, but that's as far as the court goes, it's still up to you to collect.

Good luck, thanks for the heads up. And Rich, if you're reading, feel free to tell your side of the story



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Is this the guy?

Sounds like a peach. Ain't the interweb great?
Just wow.....

And yeah.. my business stopped doing any work on terms anymore cause of stuff like this.. you ordered a product.. you pay for it. End of story. It was fun when i got to tell GM to go somewhere else if they don't like it :) and that i don't trust companies that go bankrupt and screw people.. some days it's nice to own your own business so you can do things like that :)


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Just had a gander on the companies Facebook page, one of the first comments I saw was someone chasing him for a product or a refund and mentioned about the owner not taking calls. Seems to be a reoccurring theme.

Hope you get a positive outcome, karetos


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That picture matches his Facebook profile pics.
Without knowing the whole story, I won't comment on the charge.
Here in Canada there was a guy who got caught taking a leak behind a gas station because there was nothing open in the area. He is now forever on the sex offenders list.