Frank Briggs Interview – Do Your Best Always (Circa 1983)

Scott K Fish

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Frank Briggs Interview – Do Your Best Always (Circa 1983)

SKF NOTE: I recently uncovered this circa 1983 interview with drummer Frank Briggs. Edited slightly, I’ve retyped my original introduction below, followed by scans of my original transcript, complete with proofreaders marks.

I don’t remember to what magazine I submitted this interview. Probably Modern Drummer. I have a vague recollection of submitting it on speculation — none of MD’s editors were familiar with Frank Briggs — only to have the interview rejected.

Interview excerpt: "Frank Briggs is one of the few people I’ve encountered who doesn’t approach Simmons drums as acoustic drum replacements. He’s taken the Simmons at face value. The results are always unique and often beautiful."