Frank Arsenault recordings


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I heard a clip on You Tube of Frank Arsenault playing Downfall of Paris. It was great. does anyone know if there are any other recordings of Frank's material, like rudiments? I know it's old stuff, but it is classic!


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Here is a link from the recording that you heard. It is from an old record, but has been released on CD

You may be interested in the Guy Gauthreaux CD as well. It also has The Downfall of Paris as well as Three Camps, The Connecticut Halftime, Hell on the Wabash, Grandfather's Clock, The General, and other standards. He then plays a number or more contemporary selections.



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Thanks! just what I am looking for. I have had a strong desire to just get back to basics on a single marching drum. I have also rediscovered rope drumming. Can't get enough! There is just something magical about playing that classic rudimental music on a field drum. It is the root of all drumming to me.


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I just received my CD copy of Franks recording from Steve Weiss Music. It is as good as it gets, and I wish I had had a copy when I was starting out! this is priceless. a whole new generation needs to start with this!

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I remember in the late 50's or early 60's there was an LP record of Frank Arsenault playing
the 26 rudiments. dang, hadn't thought about him in many decades!