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Hmmm...I don't like it..............I LOVE IT!!!

Thanks Bernhard for yet another significant contribution to the drumming community.


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At the moment NO - because we have threads with 1000 answers and No. 1 post is back in 2005.....but we check for a solution
Oh, sorry! I definitely don't want to open DW and see the same post from 2005 every time!

What I meant to say is whenever I open a new thread, it begins with the latest replies as opposed to the original post. :) If there was an option to read the original author first, then we could see the order/progression of the conversation by scrolling down as opposed to scrolling up on a thread. For example, right this second THIS post is at the top of page 1 instead at the bottom of page 3. Hope this makes sense! Thanks for all of your hard work.


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The forum looks way better than before, also mobile..!

A very positive thing in my opinion at the moment is, that the postcount is gone, which gives a much more 'neutral' feel..

But maybe thats just for now and will come back again..

Btw, am i the only one for who the 'forum-links' at the top of each page are re-directing to a wrong url..?

Nevertheless, very nice work..!

My compliments..!


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..What and where do you mean exactly? thanks..

Basically all the sub-buttons that are under 'Forums'..

For example, when being in this thread, the 'Forum'-button in front of the 'General Discussion' button, has this url..:

But when i click that link, the url i am sended to, is this one..:

Which gives a 404 Not Found message..

Hope this makes sense..


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Site looks better but i cannot set my thread views to view oldest post first.
You could control that before thru your preferences but I do not see that option now.


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Problem seems to be gone btw..

Maybe there was something with my browser or cookie settings..

Everything works fine now..!


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I googled "Xenforo reverse post order" and it looks like something that needs to be changed on the admin. end of things. If this was an option, I think I'd like it. Like, a lot. :)
Ditto. It's counterintuitive to have to go backwards through a thread to follow its progression.

Looks good otherwise. Thanks for the great effort!


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Ditto. It's counterintuitive to have to go backwards through a thread to follow its progression.

Looks good otherwise. Thanks for the great effort!

Posts should be read in the order they were made - oldest first, then progressing to the newest. Like a story.

If I want to read a thread that way now, I have to go to the end of the thread and work my way backwards.

The way it is now is like walking into a room in the middle of a conversation with no clue of what was said.
I see Bernhard has started a poll for it though, so put your vote in. I voted, but can learn to live with
however the vote ends up.
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Reply is the quote option
Seems like it also functions as the multi-quote option, as well.

Digging the new look, and reading and posting seems easier and smoother, too.

But only sorting posts from newest to oldest is frustrating - and counterintuitive in my opinion.