Forgotten Insane Drummer


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I was talking to some one recently about music (of course she knows al ot about the old stories and legends of the big music era.) And she told me an interesting story about a drummer. He was a prodigy, no one in his family was musically talented except for him, on drums. And I think she recalled him being from Boston and at the age of 16 - 17 he was so good, Aerosmith would actually pick him up in a limo and jam with him off and on during tour breaks and such. Until one day the kid started acting weird, and went to a doctor. He was schizophrenic, hearing voices. Went into a nursing home at 17, and been there ever since. And Aerosmith would send him a practice pad and 2 sticks but he would trade them for ciggs. People would ask what ever happened to that drummer kid, I haven't heard from him in ages. They say....oh he went crazy. And is now forgotten.

Any one ever hear this story before, or have a clue who the kid was?
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