Forced to retire?


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Im an ex pro having toured and travelled for years between 70-90 as a full time well paid, player in several bands.So i end up in a rural setting with my wife and the only players within miles of me are either teenagers or ex fiddle champions...seriously.I,ve put my gear away due to severe anxiety over this...Any suggestions???


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You were still traveling at 70 to 90 ? That is impressive old man :)
ummm....pretty sure he means 1970 to 1990. impressive all the same.
i say, if you can, jam with those local teenagers, who in a rural setting might appreciate your years of wisdom.

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You can collaborate with some other musicians online if you are technologically savvy and have a studio to use.

I was recently contacted by some guy here by PM asking if I can do that kind of stuff. I don't have the resources to be the guy who can provide that service for him, but opportunities on the internet are out there.

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i say, if you can, jam with those local teenagers, who in a rural setting might appreciate your years of wisdom.
Teenagers are pretty much the same everywhere you go. They never want to listen to old wisdom - that's the spirit of rock n roll, eh? Think about yourself when you were a teen - how much did you really listen to mom and dad?



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I play guitar and drums and you might want to pick up a guitar and learn to play some rhythm
guitar to join in the fun. Your time would be better than most rhythm guitar players out there.
Sounds like you have to find a way to "blend in" or move.


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You are describing my whole musical life!

I have not had the opportunity to construct a project in a talent rich environment.

Perhaps its time to do your own music?


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How far to the nearest city?

I myself live in a very rural area, and it's a 40 minute drive to the nearest city. But I do it - all the time. I play in three bands and none of the other players live within 45 minutes of my house. It's sometimes a pain to make the trek, but it's worth it - both for the drumming and the peaceful environs of my home.


I am 46 and this weekend jammed with a 19 year old bass player that I met on Craigslist who was incredibly talented, very humble and respectful. Give the kids a shot!



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Are you absolutely sure there's no other musicians around? There might be a couple dudes who can play, but haven't in a while. Be patient and see if they'll pick up their craft again.


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When I auditioned for a Zeppelin/Plant tribute act I got to the singer's house before any of the other players did. As I was sitting behind the drum kit in walks this 18 year old kid who looked nothing like Jimmy Page. At first I thought "What did I get myself into?".

Turns out he is one of the better guitarists I ever jammed with and not only loves Zeppelin but loves all of the 1970 greats. And he sings, plays keys and trombone to boot.