Forced to buy electronic kit...thoughts?


Sigh. I am so sad that I may start an emo band. I'm shellacking my bangs as we speak.

Just kidding. But seriously: I've been playing drums since last fall--I got a decent little kit for an insane deal. Love it, but don't get much time or opportunity to play as it's in the attic of my best friend's rented house. Now, said friend is getting thrown out in May since his landlady is moving into the house.

So, into storage my beloved kit must go *sniff*. I know I can get silencing pads but there's truly no room for my kit in our 2-bedroom apt. (my wife, our 2 year old daughter and I live there). I'll dust off the kit when we can buy our own house--it doesn't make sense to sell it since I paid so little for it.

So, I need an e-kit. I'll never gig with it, likely never record with it, I just need to practice on it and jam with my best friend who plays guitar (the one getting kicked out). So, here's a cheaper one at MF that looks like it would suit my needs:

That's pretty much my budget. Like I said, it would likely never leave our bedroom. Has anyone played this kit? The only thing is that upgrading to double bass is a must. Can you use a double pedal as is, or do I need to get an extra piece of equipment (and where do I get it, and how $$$)? The bass trigger pad looks fairly large in the picture. Any thoughts? And weep not for me, weep only for my drums...