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We're travelling back in time... about 20 years, the year is 1993, the artist is Sting, the album is Ten Summoner's Tales, and the drummer is Vinnie Colaiuta...

A full length video of the session, with amazing musicians, including the superb drum patterns of Seven Days and the beautiful simplicity of Shape Of My Heart, so for good old time sake, here's the clip, it's 54 minutes long and it's too short for my taste :)

Enjoy Drummerfriends, I certainly did, fills of gold, lol ;-)


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I think I've seen this very video about 3-4 times since x-mas, and an unknown amount of times before that since I first discovered it. It's great and not just for Vinnie's fans ;-)


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I love Vinnie's snare sound - he really hits the darn thing.

He also seems to be enjoying himself.

What a great band. Just sublime.

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Thanks Henri.That's one of my "stranded on an uncharted island "albums.

To me,the material and musicianship on that record just set a different standard than most stuff out there.Vinnie just shines and just sits in the pocket,while pushing just enough.

I was really bumed out when the Police broke up in the early 80's.I really had no idea Sting would be making beautiful music like this.

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sweeeet. i need to show my old drum teacher, he did sessions with sting, i can rub this in his face!


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Great find, Henri!

Interesting little aside that all musicians who've played with him find Sting very on top of the beat. At the adlib section at the end of the 1st song, notice how far ahead he is of the rest of the band! : )


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Must have seen this a hundred times, but never really thought about the height of his cymbals until now. No wonder he developed problems from that.