For those who play loud with an 18" bass

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Why? Besides the haul that is. Does it mic up easier or sound better to you? I'm seriously asking. I play a 22" and sometimes it does take a fair amount of muffling to tame feedback when using mics.
I've played on them a couple of times at backlined shows. I remember the batter feeling really dead, but the sound felt good through the speakers.
Just wondering what people who use them have reasoned out
I bought a couple small bass drums for the novelty of it. I found out that I really liked the tone of them. Right now, I have 2 18” bass drums (one modern birch, one vintage 3-ply) and a 16” bass drum (modern maple). They have great tone and projection, and their sound is way different than what I get from my 22” and 24” bass drums—it’s more “tonal” and “immediate.” Yes, they choke up if I try to play them SUPER loud, but if it’s that kind of a gig, I’d bring a more suitable drum/kit. The smaller drums do pretty well to keep up with any band I play with.
Loud with an 18" bass is almost an oxymoron
Yes there's some tweaks; risers, heads, no muffling, "microphones" (what are they?) whatever

But near putting your foot thru it is about the best you can hope for in a loud situation

here I'm pushing
loop - it's short
But Remo drumhead earned it's money that day and held up
I don't how much that mic was on frankly I don't think was on much
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or the daily nightly live sessions at Smalls w/ an 18"

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but rock? mm i dunno. may
Thanks, much appreciated. I did think it had a bit to do with pitch and tone. The setups I have seen locally almost could have been beater striking the mic. But those are the circles I run in.. I have a junk fix up 18", I should just find out for myself how it sits in the projects I'm in. 22" is pretty sweet though and it does fit in my car, and I'm getting pretty good at feathering it.
An 18” fits in my e car with a snare, cymbals and some hardware.

A 20” barely.

With a 16” my feel is gone. A riser on the 18” gets it in 20” teritory, so works much better for me.

I buy vehicles that fit my drums, not the other way around. 🤣

In addition, I probably don't make the best financial decisions.