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I'm trying to expand my horizons as drummer (spreading out from just metal), and I like playing along to hip-hop music. You know, basically cover the song, and put good drumming over top, instead of the same beat through the whole song.


So the question is, what songs do you like to "remix" or "cover" with your own drumming?
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Just my opinion but before "making something your own" you should be able to do it right first. Meaning, hip hop is all about groove. Play like someone touring with R&B/Hip Hop artists, Tony Royster, Aaron Spears, etc, and then put something new from another genre into it. Can't play like those guys? Don't worry, neither can the cat in that video. While what they do may sound like blazing chops, what makes them sound the way they do is phrasing a groove within those chops. Not just how fast they are.

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put good drumming over top, instead of the same beat through the whole song.
The point in a lot of music, include a large section of hip hop, is to create a vibe ... to induce a kind of trance that is infectious and undeniable. Playing the same thing over and over is effective at doing this, while tons of fills and variations - especially if they aren't super consistent, timing wise, destroys it.

So - if someone is achieving what they set out to do - wouldn't it be "good"? And if layering in lots of interesting drum fills destroys the effect, would that not be "good"?

On the other hand.... a lot of hip hop is to drums what 80s Rock is to guitar and what Smooth Jazz is to the saxophone... so if that's the case... let 'er rip. I'm a huge fan of Travis Barker's remixes. I love his musical sensibility and how he crafts his parts ... and his lead foot.