For those who must have everything...


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I saw this and just shook my head. ;-)

If you love gold, I guess this is the snare on have ;-)

Sonor 14x5 Brass Gold 1mm Brass Shell Dual Glide System Strainer Snare Drum

shell hardware finish: gold plated 24 carat
shell material: brass
series: Artist
shell finish outside: Protective Lacquer, Semi Gloss brass
shell size 14'' x 5''
shell thickness 1 mm

24K gold plated and only $1250. :) (ebay usa)


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I was not shocked by the cost of the snare. An N&C Hammered brass is well worth its cost. I was smiling at the fact the it is 24K Gold Plated Hardware. Ill be that really adds to an already great sounding snare. ;-) :)


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Ego Drum Supply has a 24 karat gold-plating option for a charge of $200 per hardware set, though you have to get lugs, hoops, an airvent, and (optionally) a strainer/butt. I guess if anyone really wants to sound fancy when they talk about their gear...


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The Lord of the Bling is a brass, gold-plated Dunnett snare (which now sports a gold-plated R-Class throwoff!)