For those who aren't afraid of the rock:


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Looked fun. In my cans here the cymbals were a bit strong and sharp for the rest of the mix, but that's kind of a matter of preference I think. I like that it's not perfected protools garbage.

Will it have lyrics too?


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Dang Bill rocked the hell out of that one-is that a single or double bass? -don't have headphones right now. Love your instructional videos so it's nice to see you play-and get down and have some fun dude! Love how strong you play.


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That was great. You really did rock on that one.


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I absolutely loved that. Brought me back to the Steve Vai, Joe Satriani hay day!! Great playing by all 3 of you!

So Bill can you talk about your setup there a little as in how you have your kit setup and what let you to do it that way?

ron s

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[So Bill can you talk about your setup there a little as in how you have your kit setup and what led you to do it that way?[/QUOTE]


I had separated my rack toms like that on my Club date se. I put a cymbal on the bass drum mount and the second rack tom to the right of it. I found that having the space between the toms was good for some types of fills, but a bit uncomfortable for the 'around the kit" type of roll. I am interested in how you came to place the hi-hat directly in front of you like that.

Excellent playing by all three musicians!


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Thanks a lot for the kind words guys!

The set up all stems from wanting the hi hat in the middle. I was always frustrated by crossing over every time I tried working out different independence ideas and such. I've found that by centering the hats everything I played before was instantly easier and I started to play lots of new things because I finally could. It's like the "open handed" concept except much better in my opinion since you still lose many options when playing open handed which requires a cross the other way for many patterns (since the hats are still to the left of the snare).

The tom set up just ended up that way, it's nice because either hand can get to them easily. The downside is that the traditional down the drums (2 notes per drum) now requires double strokes, but I don't mind much. I play the hats 50x more than the toms so that's my priority. It's actually an amazingly easy set up to play if you start by looking at it as a 4 piece with the hats centered. (And when I play out I just play a 4 piece with the hats around 11 o' clock--I'm not moving all that stuff!)