For Crying Out Loud! Play Appropriately!!!


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Thanks Bruce didn't mean to offend. I heard Joe was a Ham Operator wonder if he is still active? Anyway all good Bruce My sense of humor can get sideways sometimes I apologize.
I'm laughing with you...believe me, I totally get the ham radio stereotype. I like to enlighten people about Joe Walsh being a ham, this was a great excuse. ;) Joe has been known to go to the really big National hamfest in Dayton, of course he's rather popular when he show us to those things. One of the big amateur radio publications had a special article on him, too. I believe he is still active (certainly more active than I am, sigh)

No Way Jose

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I like ham radio people. Anyone that can tap out Morse code and converse with people thousands of miles away over the radio waves gets my respect and admiration.

Hollywood Jim

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I was told one night " you are really great ,we didn't even notice you "
Ha. Yes, that is the way it is.
This is why I like playing the drums. When you properly contribute to the song and the band being the foundation of the song, you become somewhat invisible. But it is also why I hate being a drummer. I have always wanted to be up front, out front, more in control of making music for the audience. (Maybe it's time for me to learn how to sing lead on a song.)