for Beatles fans and Ringo knockers!


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Not sure how I missed this post some months ago but as a Beatles freak I really liked that. Great find Paul. Just brilliant. I need to find these guys in concert somewhere close.

Now you need to add Tampa Florida to your schedule. Ringo sells out our small venue here every year he comes. Ruth Eckert Hall in Clearwater Florida.


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Very very solid drumming. It's the type of drumming that is hard to put your finger on, but just feels so comfortable like you're being tucked into bed and wrapped in a blanket. It's really a feeling I get from a good drummer... either he's all over the place or in this case, is right in the pocket and like right in there, no wavering. Great find!


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Ringo is very under rated...have been saying it for years...awesome video! Thanks for sharing!!

Michael McDanial

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I've never really had conversations with anyone knocking Ringo. I personally enjoy his playing, and love the Beatles in general. My friend Johnny, who's a drummer (also a big Ringo fan, and a Beatles maniac in general - even played in a Beatles cover band for like 6 years), put it like this: "The question you have to ask yourself is, would people still rate him as one of the top rock drummers if he hadn't played with the most popular rock band of all-time? If Ringo had been playing with a band that only a small number of people knew about, would the people that knew about the band be saying 'Hey man, you have to check out this drummer, he's one of the all-time greats!'? Highly doubtful. I love the Beatles, and I love Ringo, but when somebody asks me who I consider to be one of the all-time great drummers, I have to put my favoritism aside and be able to look at a musician for their abilities, even if I don't particularly care for their playing."

I think he makes a very valid point in his assessment. When calling a musician one of the all-time greats, we have to be able to put our favoritisms aside, and look at their skills.

Probably the harshest comment towards Ringo that I ever heard came from his own band mate, John Lennon. Lennon was asked by an interviewer if Ringo was the best drummer in the world. Lennon replied "In the world? He's not even the best drummer in the Beatles!"

Unfortunately, a musician's popularity can sometimes cause a backlash by others. I think that's the case with Ringo. His popularity doesn't decrease his musical abilities, but unfortunately some people treat it that way. It's one thing if you think that he's not one of the all-time greats. It's another thing to have a "he can't play" attitude simply because you feel like he isn't one of the greats. Sadly, a lot of people take the latter road. If somebody doesn't care for his playing, or doesn't consider him to be one of the great rock drummers, that's fine. But to say that he can't play is just ridiculous.


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Ringo may not be the greatest drummer of all time but he did played great with the Beatles songs. If he isn't good, the Beatles songs won't be that good.


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Hi all,
thanks for the nice words. Great to hear that fellow drummers are appreciating the gift of Ringo. We had a great time performing that piece.
If you want to know where we are playing, go to:

Rich Pagano
Hi Rich,

I just want say thanks for the great playing! Also, thanks to all of the Fab Faux for striving to play The Beatles music so faithfully. It's a pleasure to hear.


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The best Beatles tribute ever !.....The Fab Faux are brilliant. Any drummer that knocks Ringo just doesn't get it.


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Whatever they say about Ringo, I like him and he is one of my inspirations in my drum lessons. He is really good in playing drums.


Polly, nice one.

The Fab Faux are great. The Beatles get crap, Ringo too, about being mediocre or bad or whatever but it takes top pros like the Fab Faux to play their songs the corret way. The Beatles didn't even play some of the songs live ever after they stopped touring.
Thank you so much for this link. Seeing them play the second side of Abbey Road (one of my favorite all-time albums) was a pure delight! I've seen Will Lee live a few months ago with Dave Weckl, and He just gets the McCartney bass lines spot on, and that's really not easy, especially on the articulation level, which is very detailed on the original version.

Regarding Ringo - speaking as a non-drummer, I think what separated him from other drummers was his ability to play a lot of patterns which drummers would never play naturally - like playing without cymbals at all on big parts of the song, or even just play a bass drum, and really create an interesting sound that complemented the song, which sometimes sounds more like a classical percussion player more that a rock drummer.

I also think Ringo's contributions on the White Album and Abbey Road are just really well performed rock drummings, and in contrast to their earlier stuff - really well recorded, too!