for Beatles fans and Ringo knockers!

Paul Quin

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Over the years, even though it violates Bernhard's rules, there have been Ringo critics around here. I am sure many of you are familiar with The Fab Faux, a Beatles tribute band made up of some of the best musicians New York has to offer: Will Lee (the most recorded bass player in history), Rich Pagano, Jimmy Vivino, Frank Agnello and Jack Petruzelli. They play solely to bring the Beatles music to a new audience and try to do exact and faithful versions of the songs. They tour with a string section and a horn section. This allows them to do almost any Beatles song. All five guys sing and this adds tremendous depth to the perfomance. Because of multiple other musical committments they do limited shows but if they come to your town go and see them!

I have attached a video link to a studio recording they did of side 2 of the White album recorded for the Howard Stern show. This may be the best example out there of somone playing Ringo's parts as Ringo played them. You can see and hear how the parts fit the song and Rich Pagano plays them beautifully and truthfully. Watch this and I dare you to ever knock Ringo again.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts about what real players can bring to the table



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That's pretty cool. I never understood why anyone would knock Ringo. The guy is a pioneer and IMO a really creative drummer. Those Beatles songs really hold up, too. Most impressive.



Thanks for posting that...It gave me goose bumps. I don't care what anyone else thinks. I'll always be a Beatles and a Ringo fan. :)


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Never was a big fan of Ringo's drumming. I'd say I was "nuetral" but never really considered him good.

I've only been playing for 6 mos. now and last night I was looking for something really EASY to play along with on the headphones. So I had a brainstorm and threw on Abbey Road (because even "I" could surely play the Beatles right?)......WRONG! lol

First song was "Come Together" and I didn't have a chance with those little licks on the hats and toms.... Tried to play along with a few more and gave

I have a new found respect for him now.... Also realize I have a "Long and Winding Road" ahead before I'm a "drummer"
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I had the distinct pleasure of seeing those guys live one time in 2008...I was blown out of my seat. They did the entire Abbey Road album. Their instruments were faithful to the instruments on record. There was maybe 2 seconds in between songs, with everybody scrambling to switch instruments. There were major instrument changes on 95% of their songs. The crew were flawless in delivering perfectly tuned, authentic to the record, instruments used to create the Beatles music. Can't remember if Will Lee played a Hofner, and the drumset wasn't a Ringo kit, they were WMP Luds if memory serves, but he did use the Ringo blanket trick for certain sounds, like on "Something".

The whole show was just breathtaking. In addition to the entire Abbey Road Album, both sides, (including "Her Majesty" after a long pause of course) they did just unbelieveable renditions of "I Am The Walrus", with ALL the strings and horns and they even had a background of that BBC radio broadcast on the album at the end and they did the weird backing vocals at the end, just mindblowing.... They did "Revolution", "Penny Lane", Get Back", "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" the solo of which was played on an authentic psychedelic painted SG that Clapton had...They did "Cold Turkey" that was cool and a lot of others I can't remember right now.

What a great night of enjoyment. Just unbelieveable how fast the transitions were, they were smooth, professional and as sonically accurate as the record. They did "Oh Darlin" and it was just a show stopper. SHOW STOPPER. Brought the house down. The vocal! OMG The girls were really digging the guy who sang it, he really is an incredible singer, guitarist and keyboardist, he's got the look, and every female around wasn't hard to tell that they were fantasizing about that guy ha ha. Funny, they got slightly tripped up on "Maxwell's Silver Hammer"... I never caught it but they admitted it after it was over..."the simplest songs are the ones that get you" he said. Best show I ever saw. Fab Faux.


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The Fab Faux is awesome. I love it when they go on Stern. One time they went on with full orchestra and did Sgt. Pepper. Truly amazing.

I'm not sure what this guy covering Beatles tunes has to do with Ringo though, or why this would be a slap in the face to Ringo-haters.


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Drummer is an awesome singer too. God I forget what song he did but I remember thinking that he is like a secret weapon, he really shined on the vocal. "Back In The USSR" maybe, or "Dear Prudence" I forget, but now I remember they did those songs too. Thanks Paul for reminding me how muched I enjoyed that show.


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Great find, Paul. That video made my day. Most enjoyable one I've seen in a long time. Thanks!!


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Wow! This band is such a gift for all those Beatles fans in their touring zones who never had the chance to attend a Beatles gig and actually hear them ... actually, did anyone ever attend a Beatles gig after their German stint and actually hear the music?

Don't care about the knockers, Ringo's long been a fave of mine.


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Sounds great. My friend told me they recorded this at Abbey Road, or they've done some recording there. I don't know what they story is.

I've seen club adverts for this band for years, loved the name but have never seen them. If I knew it were Will Lee, it would have been a different story. I've seen him many times, great bass player. They are playing Radio City Music Hall, so they've made the big time.

Certainly the direction I'd like to see tribute bands going in,. That is doing musically interesting and accurate renditions of classic tracks rather than just trying to sound like the band. Many of them come off mediocre at best. They have what I call the deer in the headlights syndrome. They look at bit perplexed and lost. They really just don't have the music. These guys take it to a whole new level. I enjoyed it, and Abbey Road isn't one of my favorites. It's iconic though, and one has to admit that much of what came after it in the 1970s, esp Floyd, was a footnote to it.

Paul Quin

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Great to see that we agree! Ken, this was not recorded at Abbey Road but I think you are right that they have recorded there. If you do get the chance to go and see them, you will not be dissapointed - Larryace is correct that every show involves more instrument switches than you can believe, all in an attempt to sound authentic and involves great work from the techs. Rich plays two kits on stage, one to give that early Ringo sound and one for that later sound. Oh - and I love that it is the music that is paramount: there is no dressing like the Beatles and no put on Liverpudlian accents!

Love it! Here is a cip of them on Letterman.



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That's just pure genius. I love how their able to get the vintage sound.
They had the drum sound pretty much nailed. I can't tell 100% for sure but it looks like they just used a couple of overheads and no close mics. They also isolated the drums so they didn't bleed into the other mics. Thats a sound guy who knows his business well.


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Hi all,
thanks for the nice words. Great to hear that fellow drummers are appreciating the gift of Ringo. We had a great time performing that piece.
If you want to know where we are playing, go to:

Rich Pagano