For all you Evans Power Center Reverse Dot lovers...


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A great price on a great head! That's a loss-leader that only a big retailer can offer!

I'd stock up, but I prefer the Super Tough. :)


Im a fan of the ST as well...tried the ST Dry but it was, well, too dry.



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Im a fan of the ST as well...tried the ST Dry but it was, well, too dry.


I'm with Florian and Bermuda, the ST is a GREAT head, especially for something like a Black Beauty or Supraphonic-style metal snare. I actually lucked out on a random stop at a Guitar Center for a pair of sticks. They were clearancing out 4 regular STs for $7 a pop. Couldn't pass that up.

I find the ST Dry and HD Dry both too dry for my tastes as well. However, I do like the Genera Dry on occasion, for certain snares. It's like Evans took everything I liked about the Powerstroke 3, modified things I didn't like and came out with something I actually don't mind using from time to time.


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Quick update:

I received my backordered heads last week. It was slightly odd that the three heads I ordered were simply packaged in sealed plastic bags -- no boxes. No question about their authenticity...they each have the bar code and stamping on the side of the collar, as well as a sticker on the bag (the one that is usually on the box describing the head's relative attack, sustIn, tone, etc.). Just no boxes...

I'm happy with the purchase!