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Yes, yes you are!:ROFLMAO:(y) I’m starting to fancy England for the win!! Darn it, I promised myself I wouldn’t get my hopes up!:rolleyes:
I support Liverpool, we’re not having as good a season.

Don’t do it to yourself, Al!! It’s the hope that kills you.

England did play really well though, to be fair. We’ll see how we do against USA soon enough.
The group stages are an accumulation of points.
Win = 3 points
Tie = 1 point
Loss = 0 points

this is how hockey used to be, in regular season except a win was 2 points. At the end o the regular season the top 6 teams with the highest point total got into the playoffs. I miss those days....

and being a defensive minded guy, I LOVE a 0-0 tie!!! THAT means it was a good game!!!

the biggest reason i hate basketball is because there is too much scoring. To me, that is boring. I would much rather see 1-0 game than 122-116....YAWN!

See, this is the thing. The idea of a draw is a perfectly acceptable thing to me. Not everybody has to win.

England had a thrilling draw in the Rugby Union the other day. With ten minutes (of 80) left to play, they were dead and buried. Then they came back to draw 25-25. It was absolutely brilliant.

In elimination in football (soccer) there is extra time, then penalties. It's only the group stages where this isn't the case. In season-long leagues then it's the same (no elimination) and it's very rarely decided by goal difference. In the English Premier League there are no playoffs, it's just the team with the most points at the end of the season that wins. Failing that, who has the best goal difference, which last happened in 2011-12 (failing that, goals scored, failing that head-to-head against the two tied teams, then away goals head-to-head). There are playoffs in the domestic Rugby Union and Rugby League and I think the game is poorer for it - surely the team that has been the most consistent throughout should be the champions, rather than a team that finished in fourth place and happened to get a good run at the end?

It's different in US sport I appreciate and that's because you have all of the different regional leagues due to geography and history. And there is no practical way of demonstrating who is the 'best' when you have multiple leagues with different champions other than to pitch them into direct competition. You could do a secondary national league instead of playoffs but that would take a long time to play out and in some sports (I'm looking at you, baseball) because of the way that the series are structured, it wouldn't work.

Wow, to think Arse and Spurs supporters are joining forces and giving it big un’s after just 14 league games.

Absolutely outrageous behaviour from both of you.

Get on the naughty step.