foot pain after using e-kick pad


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I got a e-kick pad last night (Yamaha KP65, rubber pad) so that i could practice foot stuff more often. After using it briefly I started noticing a slight pain in my foot, like towards the front just behind the main big-toe joint. Feels fine now, but I'm worried that continued use could do damage, any one experience anything like this?

I wasn't playing very fast (1/8s and some doubles at 75bpm), and I made a point of trying to play lighter than usual. I play heel up.. or maybe flatfooted? (heel up, but low, like heel an inch off the floor) and don't bury the beater.

I'm thinking I'll try another day or two (carefully) and see how it goes and maybe exchange it for an Alesis RealKick (ekickpad with tunable mylar head) if it doesn't get better.


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I think it's unlikely with your style of playing that it could have been the kick setup that caused a problem. I've never heard anyone complaining about this before.

Secondly you call your playing style as heel-up, and it's exactly what I play. It was only when I went on a drumming camp with 8 other drummers and studied their technique that I realised I was a heel-down player. I suspect you are heel-down as well.

Don't worry though. We are superior beings. It's just were not very fashionable at the moment : {



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yea disregard this thread, everything is fine now... that first night i was using a cheap Pulse pedal with a hard felt beater (it had a very rigid feel; i could feel the impact vibrations through the pedal)... the next night i pulled my eliminator (with a softer, rubber IC beater) off my real bass drum and tried that and everything was fine. so now i'm just swapping the elim back and forth as needed...