Foot grooves


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I've been fascinated with bass drum led grooves lately.. so was goofing with this idea today ( View attachment IMG_1270-1.MOV )

Would love to hear some of your BD dominated ideas if you'd like to share them.

( sorry, thats a phone cam sitting on my snare )

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Abe, great camera angle (and nice foot). Unlike Larry, I'm not offended by the sight of my fellow humans' unadorned flesh, old hippie that I am ;)

Love the little expletive hiss near the end of the clip ... I mean, it's not as though it's simple. The large tempo jump you did with such a dense linear groove struck me as ambitious as hell - who ya fink ya are? Garibaldi? DiCenso?

Not sure I can contribute since my RF is just a bottom end anchor - if it didn't take so much work I'd love to play as nimbly and groovily as you do.


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Larry, you prude, you!

Grea, its fun to explore placing the BD to the left or right of the downbeat. Kinda turns the whole turtle for me. Fun to play with, though not much practical use. We play Led Boots with my band and I use this kind of thing like a drum intro someimes..

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"Uncle Larry"
Sorry, guys toes make me wanna hurl on them lol. Womens feet are beautiful but guys feet should be hidden lol.


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Abe, sorry man, I missed this. Been tied up with drummy stuff all week.

Anyhow, I love the way your groove gives the impression of an odd signature, yet sits just fine in it's 4/4 slot. That makes it not only cool, but very useful too :)

As for the foot thing, trust Larry (the hurler) to major on the profound, eh :)