FOIL from back in the day


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Here's another band I was in in the early '90s called FOIL. It has that grungy element to it for sure. It was a two-drummer band with me playing a regular kit and the other guy playing a stand-up kit (bass drum on floor tom legs next to a snare and a badly broken Rude china type and other assorted bits of metal scrap.

There wasn't much about this band that we took very seriously, but the music was really fun to play. Notice the singer with railroad spike in one hand and a mic in the other. Good thing he's wearing his safety gear with that broken cymbal inferno!

"Specifical" has both of us playing. I don't know the time signature, but it wouldn't be hard to count since it's not terribly fast. I've just never bothered to do it.

"Water Heater Man" is in 5/4 for the main riff, and I think there's some 7/4 in there somewhere too. This one's just me playing drums for whatever reason. It's actually about a water heater repair man the singer worked with at Sears...

I'll get the new stuff up as soon as it's mixed, in the meantime, I'll bombard y'all with the old crusties.