Floor Tom Goop


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Ok, I have tried everything that I can think of to get a good sounding, deep floor tom that doesn't make that flappy sound that everone hates. I also don't want it to resonate too much

Here is what I have tried on my 14" Starclassic Performer Maple floor tom:
Evans EC2 clear
Aquarian Studio-X
Remo Emperor
Toilet paper with electric tape

All that + about every tuning technique I've ever heard of

Please!! I need help!


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I have a 16 x 16 in floor tom. I also have tried most of the heads that you have mentioned. I like that dry booming blues sound. I use a Remo Muffle Ring with most of the foam removed on the batter head. I use about two inches of foam on opposite sides of the plastic holder for the Muffle Ring. Try it! You'll like it. I like my rack toms to ring but I don't like my floor tom to ring.