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I have a tama starclassic floor that I want to convert to a kick. The bad thing is all I can find is a Pearl conversion that I need to have a pearl mount. I don't want to add anything to the drum. I tried to find the Gibraltar Conversion but every site says its "out of stock." I do not want to drill my drum and I prefer that the conversion kit comes with a tom mount.

Any other options?



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You are not the first one to find that the Gibraltar kit is not available.

Here is a kit by trick. http://www.vintagedrum.com/item/Trick-Floor-Tom-To-Bass-Drum-Conversion-Kit

Vintage drum is a great site and nice people. Call them for help if you need it.

Here is the DW stand. http://www.vintagedrum.com/item/DW-Drum-Workshop-Bass-Drum-Riser-DWCP9909-PB8549909

You can clamp this tom bracket to an L rod that is installed in your tom leg holder to hold your tom.http://www.vintagedrum.com/item/DW-Drum-Workshop-Stack-System-Single-Tom-Tom-Clamp-DWSM991-PB051991
You may have to grind a flat spot in the L rod to keep it from slipping in the floor tom clamp from the weight of the mounted tom.

You can also visit a hardware store and make a tom mount that is similar to the Gibraltar type.
It may involve some welding to mount a rubber protector foot that rest on the drum shell.
You will need a length of steel rod that fits in your floor tom leg clamp. You will have to heat and bend the rod in the shape that you need.
Heat the rod with a Mapp gas torch that is used for soldering plumbing fittings.
You can weld a short piece of the rod to the rod that you have bent.
Then press a rubber floor tom leg foot on the short piece that you have welded to rest on the drum shell.
It sounds harder than it is.
If you go to a shop where they work with metal and welding, (Auto repair shop) They should be able to help you.
Talk to one of the guys that works there and offer to buy him lunch of some beer if he welds it for you.

I know that this will mean drilling two small holes in the drum but here is a real cool vintage style tom holder. http://www.vintagedrum.com/item/Gibraltar-Bass-Drum-Vintage-Rail-Mount-Single-Tom-Holder-PA591GVRM
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