Flat base stand tom mounting


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This was brought up a while ago. I just wanted to share my thoughts. I’m using all Ludwig Atlas hardware.

The weak point of flat base stands, regarding tom mounting, is the open end of the triangle formed by the base.

My solution was to tie the two stands together using a bar, in my case 2 atlas cymbal holders on clamps & a piece of tubing.

Connecting the stands gives stability on both sides. I’m currently mounting 3 toms in 2 stands. 8,10, & 12.

You can do this cheaper & easier w a piece of rack tube & 2 clamps, but I wanted everything to fold up into my canister throne. Also, the smaller tubing is less obvious, and can go close to the bass drum.




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Can you post a larger photo? Zooming in on this one, the details become distorted.

I get the idea and would like to see a larger photo.

Thanks for sharing.


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That's a very clever solution you came up with, nice job.
I agree. It's a much cleaner solution than sandbags, cinder blocks, etc.

If it was me, and my kit doesnt move, I would get some giant cable staples and staple the stands to the floor. My house, my floor, my repair later on lol.