Flat Base Hardware Opinions


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I've never owned any DW gear, but these have got me interested...

I love the guy, and Galactic is great live, but man is he a shill. I say this having watched him plug Zildjian and get me to seriously consider the butt-expensive Kerope line.

John Q. Drummer

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I’ve got the DW 6000 series stuff, but not the Ultralight. For the past 3 years/300 shows I’ve only used the straight and boom cymbal stands. I quickly gave up on the hi-hat stand and maybe 2 shows after that I gave up on the snare stand as well. Both were way to wobbly & bouncy for my liking. Both were replaced with Yamaha single braced tripod stands and I haven’t looked back.

I like the DW stuff for the memory locks honestly. Makes my setup so much faster. I don’t care for the big, black plastic handles. Those are pretty unsightly IMO, but I deal with it.

Pre pandemic I was experiencing an increasing number of gigs were flat based gear was not going to work. (Uneven floors, such as in barns, or outside on the ground.) So I started using my Yamaha 600 series cymbal stands and realized that maybe I should just switch to that full-time. I haven’t committed one way or another just yet, but it is something I’m currently pondering. If I was only playing indoors on flat, level stages then I won’t even need to think about it. Yes, the single braced stuff is heavier, which does suck, but not having two sets of hardware for essentially the same job would be easier to manage.