Flaming Drum Sticks


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I've watched the vid and honestly it seems to be a real big deal about nothing.

You could have got the same effect from 2 small led flashlights attached to the sticks for all the effort you seem to put into this?

But hey- whatever floats your boat I guess


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I'd say try to achieve a similar effect without using fire at first. I know that vic firth has some neon light sticks that are somewhat pricy but are relatively high tech. Anyways, as badass as that looks, I don't think it's the most practical trick to be done at an amature level.


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I guess to me as a drummer/musician the music comes first the show is secondary.
I know, I feel the same way too, but there are plenty of entertainer/musicians who feel that the show is just as important as the music. I don't agree, but its an equally valid way of looking at it. After all, music can easily be seen as entertainment rather than an art form...


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The whole point of the flaming sticks thing was just to prove to myself that I could pull it off, It was totally safe, I should know after all, I was there lol. And it was only a little town show, we were just there to have fun most of all, we do like to show off, but who doesn't?

In my honest opinion little light up sticks are lame lol. Sure If I was in a club/pop band they might be suitable for shows, but I play heavy metal... and real fire is a lot more 'metal' than light up sticks... While YES music is very important, and don't think that I don't know that because I LOVE MUSIC; but the show is like a reward to the audience for watching, that's why bands do things like this, having a good stage show helps draw in fans, and anyone who says other wise is a fool lol.

But in anycase, I did it successfully, with no problems =)


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When I was a kid at camp fires, we used to eat marsh mellows and when the sticks caught on fire we would wave them around in the air a little. Under close adult supervision, in a region that wasn't prone to burning. Really cool effects.

Now I tell people when I was a kid we had to blow on our video games to get them to work.

If I was at a show and there was so much as a hint of flame, I would be looking for the nearest exit.