Flam with kick and hihat


I wanted to share my new video with you.

I adapted the flam technique used normally for kick and hi hat and sampled it with the Swing that I use most. The most important point is to pay attention to the dynamics of flam places. (You can do very creative sampling with the snare with your free hand) Good work!


Chris Whitten

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Well the way you are playing it it is an in-time 16th note. I think it would be very hard to play an actual flam between the feet when playing time with your hands.
yes this is arguable but this is the first time i hear such a comment. billy higgins then he doesn't play 3 at all :) anyway if you have left arm you can make 3 varieties of silenced on the snare on this work.


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I’d get a little more height on the hat flam-I could barely see it move. Sounds like you flam both feet of one of spangalag? I’m listening through cell phone so can’t hear well. I like to flam kick and hats but as a blushda so extra note on hats after flam. It sounds cool to go from a half time shuffle to add the blushda at ghost note. Both have triplet feel


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Thanks but I couldn't hear it either.... video is rather overwhelmed by the ride cymbal.