Fixing wrapped hats


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Hey, guys, I was so lucky to buy a pair of wrapped AAX on eBay. Have no idea how one can bend such a thick piece of metal, but anyway. There's about 1mm space between the edge and a flat surface in two places.
They sound decent, but only in a few spots. Actually, they make different sounds in different spots.
Are there any DIY methods I can fix that? I guess no, but maybe...


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I'm guessing you mean 'warped'.

Not much to do about it except start chasing it with a hammer.
You'll probably do more harm than good though with that method.

Heat is pretty much out of the question.
If you had a fixture, you might make some progress with a hydraulic press.

So - no good answers from me. Sorry 'bout that.


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First thing to do is correctly diagnose the problem. If you sit the cymbal on a flat surface with the 2 raised points at north and south, if you see what I mean, I'd say it's fairly likely that there's one slightly downwardly warped area at either east or west. Not for sure, but worth ruling out at least. Try sitting the cymbal with some of it hanging over the edge of a flat surface and see if you can get it to sit flat by rotating it so different points are overhanging.

Hope that makes sense, had a lot of wine!


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Lol at the "I was lucky to buy warped cymbals" thing.

I'm trying to understand that and am not doing so well :)
Maybe he is lucky? He might have paid $5.00 for them, in which case he he could probably flip them for $7.00 or maybe even $7.50!